Empower Your Team with neoBench: The Smart Training Platform

Unlock the potential of your company’s experts with neoBench, the innovative platform that simplifies knowledge sharing and class teaching online. Say goodbye to the complexities of content creation and instructional design, and hello to seamless knowledge transfer within your team.

Secure and Simple Login

Experience hassle-free access with just one click through our secure login page, fortified with the highest security standards. Plus, with the neoBench Android app, learning is not confined to the office—your team can log in securely, anytime, anywhere.

Eagle-Eye Insights with Management Dashboard

The neoBi dashboard offers a bird’s-eye view of vital training metrics, including employee participation, success rates, and social engagement. everage neoBench analytics to fine-tune the effectiveness of your internal training programs.

Effortless User Management

Invite new learners with ease or set up neoBench accounts for your employees directly, streamlining the onboarding process for your internal training platform.

Content Creation Made Easy

Empower any expert in your organization to develop and conduct classes without the usual hurdles. The Training Administrator oversees the program, managing trainers and user groups efficiently.

Flexible Learning for Everyone

With neoBench, users can engage with assigned training programs at their own pace, using the app or web interface. Flexibility and convenience are at the core of our learning experience.

The NeoBench BOS Model


Build Your Training


Own Your Training


Scale Your Training

Start your Learning Journey Today!

AI-powered Question Generator

Instantly create unique assessment
questions with the help of AI.

Live & Recording Trainings

Offer interactive live sessions and on-demand
recordings for flexible learning.

AI Content Recommendation

Personalize learning journeys with AI-powered
content suggestions.

Training Content Pool

Explore exclusive, multilingual training content curated
for your team.

AI Chatbot (Helpybo)

Get 24/7 learning support from our AI-powered chatbot.

Custom API Integrations

Extend neoBench’s functionality with custom API

Comprehensive Reports & Dashboard

Gain data-driven insights through
customizable reports and dashboards.

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