NeoBench is a peerless top of the range platform, AI driven to ensure accessibility by anyone, anywhere, and through different delivery modes, like apps, web, mobile web(H5), in more than 100 languages. The minimalist UI/UX ensures simplicity. Later modes will encompass robotics, gamification and AR/VR aspects to ensure a more immersive user experience. The goal is to let you enjoy learning, in your own style.


We share your goals for a greener planet, and via our platform we both gain through a reduced carbon footprint. From reduced travel to training sessions, to paperless training, we share in your organizations values to reduce carbon footprint and realize a more sustainable planet.


Less time and effort is engaged during training on our platform, compared to using other modes. This ensures efficiency in learning. Further, trainers often have to repeat instructions across classes, leading to inefficiencies, and cost escalations, via our platform this is addressed as training sessions are embedded for future retrieval with no need for repetitions


Online or digital materials and platforms for learning require relatively less cost for their production, which helps to keep expenses low. There is no wear and tear as well, and product and content updates and advancements can be done at less cost compared to other modes


Many institutions have a challenge accessing industry-leading trainers and authorities to train their staff, at NeoBench, we remove this hurdles since we have tied up with various authorities in various fields, ensuring access nearly on demand. This translates to immediate work productivity enhancements

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